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Founded by the University of Macerata, along with a significant contribution by the Fondazione Carima (the Carima Foundation), the School of Advanced Studies ‘Giacomo Leopardi’ was established in 2008 with the aim of cultivating the talent and the qualities of the best secondary school graduate students. The one of a kind in its genre among the universities of the Marche region, the School aims at high qualification in academic education and research. It is a university body of advanced studies that works in conjunction with the university and aims at achieving BA and MA degrees. The School organizes advanced innovative and inter-disciplinary seminars in order to offer its students the highest and most qualified preparation. Moreover, it directs them towards specific research activities. In order to maintain their status as pupils, the School requires its students to obtain high results in the courses offered by the University of Macerata as well as the ones offered by the School.